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Words of mouth. The smarter promotion strategy.


Guestbuster was born out of a simple observation : words of mouth is the most effective strategy you can leverage to make sure your event will be crowded! Using mainstream social network you can surely reach a large audience in a few clicks. Nevertheless, users are quickly flooded by plethoric and impersonal requests, resulting in a very large gap between the number of participants announced on social media and the actual number of attendees at your event. Guestbuster mission is to provide event's promoters with a tool to digitalize and easily leverage "words of mouth" networks. Starting from her or his own personal network, event's promoters create personalized Guestlists. Each guest can in turn create Guestlists and broadcast them through their own network while becoming the personal "Ambassador" of the event in which she/he is participating. Privacy and anonymity are core values to Guestbuster team. No need for names, genders, age or email: invite and registration are based on a unique IDs generated by a one-way encryption of guest's mobile phone number. This is how an "organic network" of participants will grow through real social relations and friendship, improving the participation ratio to your event. Besides it's main mission, Guestbuster has much more value to offer to event promoters and attendees...Check out the features!



Create and personalize as many events and guestlists as you wish. Share it with co-promoters, update it anytime directly from your phone book or by using bulk spreadsheets. Leverage words of mouth and be creative to reward the best “Ambassadors” of your event.


Attendees will no longer have to queue for ages at the front door. A simple in-app QR code scanning allows staff to proceed with check-in by a simple click. Be aware in real-time of the number of attendees and VIP’s arrivals. Create your own access conditions for each guestlists (eg. free entrance is no longer possible after 11 pm).


Control over money flows, speed and ease of transactions are key elements to the financial success of your event. Thanks to the unique and encrypted IDs of each users, all transactions can be centralized using our in-app wallet. Set your own prices and get paid instantly.


You don’t need to know who are your guests to analyze what they consume and how they are connected to each other. Data gathered during events are processed and made available to promoters in a simple and useful way. This allows you to target specific guest networks and “Ambassadors” while ensuring complete privacy and anonymity to your guests.

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The first version of Guestbuster has been released over the stores. If you want to know more about the services we can offer or if you have any question regarding our project, drop us a few words explaining the type of event your about to promote or your question and we will be delighted to answer right away.